Course Prerequisites



1.         Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre (MPC) will run a United Nations Logistics Officers Course (UNLOC) in collaboration with Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI). The aim is to provide adequate knowledge prior to deployment as Logistics Officers in United Nations Peacekeeping Mission. The course will involve participants from Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and international Armed Force Officers.


2.         The aim of this instruction is to outline the course details and administrative requirements.


3.         The objectives of the course are as follows:

            a.         To prepare participants as Logistics Officers in a UN Peacekeeping Mission.

            b.         To expose participants to the challenges likely to be faced in a UN Peacekeeping Mission.

           c.         To provide sound knowledge and understanding on UN operational logistics and administrative procedure.


4.         The course will be conducted at MPC, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia as follows:

           a.         Course Date. The course will be delivered from 12 to 23 June 23.

           b.         Training Methodology. Subjects will be delivered by the following means:

   (1)        Lectures.

   (2)       Presentations.

   (3)     Small Group Discussions.

   (4)       Plenary Discussion.

5.         Lectures. Lectures will be presented by Subject Matter Expert (SME) from GPOI and local Directing Staffs.

6.         Medium of Instruction. The course will be conducted in English.

7.         Pre-requisite. Participants should possess some basic knowledge in United Nations particularly the organization, roles and functions, UN Organs, UN Charter and subjects that are reflected in the training programme. Participants are expected to generate and deliver their ideas including their past experiences during the classroom exercises and discussions.

8.         Training Programme. The tentative programme will be issued separately.

9.         Course Participants (CP). MPC accepts a maximum of 34 CPs. The breakdown is as follows:

            a.         Malaysian Armed Forces                               -           2

            b.         Malaysian Army                                             -           6

            c.         Royal Malaysian Navy                                   -           4

            d.         Royal Malaysian Air Force                            -           4

            e.         Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre                    -           1

            f.          International Course Participants                  -           17

10.       Evaluation.  This course is an informative course. The evaluation is done based on participation of the CP during syndicate discussion, group discussion and briefing.

11.       Assessment. This course is an informative course. Assessment is based on CP participation during briefings, syndicate and group discussions. The intent is to gauge the CP level of understanding of as a staff in mission area.


12.       The administrative requirements are as follows:

            a.         Registration. MPC's registration desk will be opened from 1400H to 1800H on 11 June 23 at the Peacekeeper’s Inn Lobby (Accommodation Block). CP are required to complete the registration form as Annex A and return via email to [email protected] before 15 May 23 and provide a hard copy on registration day.

b.         Transportation.  All CP independent arrivals are requested to make their own way to MPC and check-in not later than 1800H on 11 June 23 (Sunday). MPC is located in Port Dickson and Google Maps coordinate are 2.426°N 101.860°E.

c.         Parking. A sufficient number of open car parks are available at MPC. Local CP with private vehicle is required to obtain Vehicle Pass at the Guard Room before being allowed to enter. Reverse parking is enforced in MPC compound.

d.         Timelime. All CP must adhere the timeline

13.       Accommodation.   Participants are adhered on following:

a.          CP are responsible to the facilities provided at the accommodation block.

b.      Only the CP are allowed to stay in the accommodation block throughout the course. Accommodation for any family members should be arranged separately by participants outside of MPC.

c.         40USD/night will be charged from international CP and DS who stay in Peacekeepers’s Inn.

14.       Facilities in Wisma Pengaman (Mess).  CP is allowed to use the facilities at Wisma Pengaman such as:

            a.         TV Room.

            b.         Karaoke.

            c.         Indoor Games (billiards, carom & dart).

15.       Meals. Participants are adhered on following:

          a.         All meals will be provided at MPC's Banquet Hall (Blue Haven). If the CP has any specific dietary requirements, please                  indicate on the registration form. Meals will be served at the following times:

(1)       Breakfast                    -           0700H to 0745H.

(2)       Coffee Break              -           1000H to 1030H.

(3)       Lunch                          -           1230H to 1330H.

(4)       Evening Tea                -           1700H to 1730H.

(5)       Dinner                         -           1930H to 2100H.

b.         Please take note that 10USD/day will be charged for meals from international   CP and DS.

16.       Dress Code.  The dress code during the course is camouflage or equivalent. CP are also encouraged to bring along the following attire:

            a.        Sport and swimming attire.

            b.       Light tropical civilian clothes.

c.         Smart casual attire (collared shirt, pants and shoe) for entering Blue Haven after working hours. Slippers, sandals and round neck t-shirt are prohibited in Blue Haven.

17.       Medical.  CP should be certified medically and should provide a medical certificate (FFI) on the registration day.

18.       Health Support.  Any request for minuscule medical assistance will be coordinated by the Course Coordinator. Medical facilities are available at the 808 AFSQ and Port Dickson Hospital.

19.       COVID-19 Procedure. MPC follow the latest guideline for COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia (MOH) and MAF HG Procedure. However, in order to make sure all CP is free from COVID-19, all CP must take an RTK-Ag on the day of reporting before entering MPC.

20.       Computer and Internet Access. All CP are advised to bring their own computer devices. However, PC is available at the syndicate rooms and laptops are also available for loan from the ICT Cell. Wi-Fi services are available throughout MPC.

21.       Stationery. MPC will provide stationery for INSTEX.

22.       Library. Library is available at the main MPC building. The opening hour is from 0830H to 1630H (Monday to Friday). All participants are encouraged to use the library at their leisure time. MPC library has a wide range of books and references related to peacekeeping, defence and security, and general topics.

23.       Sport and Recreational Facilities. The facilities available at the centre are:

a.         Swimming Pool.

b.         Gymnasium.

c.         Mountain Bikes.

d.         Volleyball/Basketball Court.

24.       Laundry Facilities. MPC has a laundry room, equipped with free washer and dryer. The room is located at the ground floor of the accommodation block and is accessible 24 hours a day. CP are reminded to purchase their own detergent.

25.       Groceries and Miscellaneous.  There are few groceries store and supermarket available outside MPC. CP are advised to arrange with the Course Coordinator for transport requirement.

26.       Smoking and Alcoholic Drinks. Consuming alcoholic drinks are strictly PROHIBITED in MPC. Smokers can only smoke at the designated smoking area and are clearly marked.

27.       Departure and Check-out. All participants are expected to checkout from accommodation on Friday, 23 June 23 by 1500H. Any late checkout must be informed to the Course Coordinator before 22 June 23.

28.       Visitors. All CP will be accommodated in single room within MPC compound throughout the course. MPC does not host or make provision for family members or friends who may visit the CP. Family members are welcome to visit Malaysia, however accommodation and means of transportation will be your responsibility and the visit must not interfere with the course programme. MPC do not staffed to look after your family and you should not expect any assistance from MPC staff.

29.       Admin Brief.  The admin brief will be given by Course Coordinator on 12 June 23 (Monday) at 0800H.

30.       Incident Report.  CP be advised that should there be any unusual incidents such as civil offences or accidents outside MPC arranged events, they are to be reported immediately to MPC through the Course Coordinator.

31.       MPC Website.  Further information is available on MPC website. The address is

32.       Special Instruction. This course is conducted based on Integrated Training Service (ITS), UN HQ guidelines. All CP must attend all the theory classes and activities. If the CP absent more than 1 day along the course, they will not receive a course certificate. Only emergency cases or welfare matters can be considered.

33.       Point of Contact. For further assistance, please contact the following:


For course-related queries

Mej Zulfazlee Bin Zamri

SO 2 Training Coord

Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre

[email protected]


+606 6627405 Ext 123

+606 6627411 (Fax)


For administrative-related queries

Maj Mohd Izzad Mahizan RMAF

Course Coordinator

Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre


+606 6627405 Ext 105

+606 6627411 (Fax)


34.       I sincerely hope that this course will be helpful to everyone who attends. I have no doubt that this instruction will provide CP with the tools necessary to fulfil his or her duties. I also hope that you will appreciate MPC's hospitality while you are here and enjoy the course.